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Partners for Panchesin Chiropractic

DSCN9007.jpgWhite Pine Clinic

David H. Price
1601 North Tucson Boulevard
Tucson, Az., 85716
(520) 320-0354

Dr_Hobeich.jpgDr George Hobeich, M.D.

Pediatric doctor
6600 N. Oracle Rd., Sutie 100
Tucson, Az., 85704
(520) 575-9007

Dr. Hector Garcia

Internal Medicine
1601 North Tucson Boulevard, Suite 1A
Tucson, Az., 85716
(520) 327-4017, 323-4761, 327-4762

P1040217.JPGYong Sheng Herbs & More

2615 E Broadway
Tucson, Az., 85716
(520) 325-6829

master_liao.jpgTaichi Tao Center

433 South Boulevard
Oak Park, Illinois 60302
Phone: 708-386-0266
Email: [email protected]


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "This in itself was wonderful, but as my chiropractic journey has continued, more wonderful discoveries keep developing. Just other day, while on my chiropractors table, I suddenly realized I had no pain in my stomach which I have suffered daily with for 3 years, taking Zantac almost everyday. I couldn't believe my pain was gone, and was happy to give up the Zantac with its side effects damaging the liver and causing insomnia to name two.
    I now sleep better, I'm off medication, my stomach and shoulders feel much better. In addition, both my feet would hurt everyday, now that my spine and skeletal structure balance better, my feet don't hurt. Also my neck, and low back feel better and my head. Overall, my health and just feeling of well being have improved immensely. I am now wondering what the future holds as I make more wonderful health revelations while receiving chiropractic care."
    Case # 5401 Ulcer, Gastric Reflux, Shoulder Pain