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Since witnessing my father suffer a heart attack and be taken to the hospital when I was 9 years old, I began taking an interest in health. Medicine seemed to fail him while in his early 50's. By 12 I actively pursued researching health by engaging in anything that reputedly offered good health to personally experience for myself. Darting into the basement and grabbing a barbell, I began curls, standing and pressing, and a group of weightlifting exercises to explore the potential for better health. 

From that day of determining to find the answers to health, my endeavors gradually moved to running 1 to 2 miles a day, becoming an ardent 10 speed bike enthusiast riding 20 plus miles a day during our summer breaks, later, Tae Kwon Do, Shaklee Vitamins, vegetarianism, Hapkido, eventually Tai Chi Chuan, and finally Chiropractic. I explored becoming a medical doctor too. 

During my undergraduate studies, I took course work toward becoming a medical doctor.  I had an uncle that had a reputation as a cancer surgeon. Once I discovered the uniqueness and incredible affect of chiropractic and the potential to help humanity with a health discovery that was barely spread through the populace, I was on fire with enthusiasm. I knew immediately I wanted to become a chiropractor. 

I first attended Oakton Community College acquiring 2 ½ years of college credit for an Associate of Arts Degree, then 1 ½ years of college (largely chemistry) at North Park College short only one semester of a Bachelor of Science Degree. I then attended Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic and in my first semester attended Greenville Technical College at night (for more chemistry). I graduated a Doctor of Chiropractic from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in March of 1982 and then passed my exams for the National Board Exams, and obtained licenses to practice chiropractic in Arizona and Colorado. 

I have since practiced in Tucson Arizona for the past 30 years almost exclusively in my current office for 29 of the 30 years. I have seen over 6,400 patients in practice and have witnessed incredible results that only chiropractic can bring.  Many people do not know an average chiropractic college curriculum possesses 114 more class hours than a John Hopkins Medical Degree.

I specialized in the Upper Cervical Specific "Hole-In-One" Chiropractic adjustment developed by Dr B.J. Palmer. This adjustment was the product of a 30 year research project by Dr Palmer in the pursuit of excellent results and involved the discovery that brainstem pressure occurs just below the skull in the neck due to the first two vertebra characteristically misaligning and creating interference in the human spine. Dr Palmer's adjustment was designed to specifically correct the pressure in as complete a way as possible to render the best results. The Palmer "Hole In One" adjustment was proven to be one of the most affective techniques in chiropractic at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa where the campus boasted a research clinic, hospital, college and his home. 

Sherman College was developed with the express purpose of teaching Dr Palmer's technique, philosophy, and science. My training evolved around this technique for 4 years. 

In addition, I obtained a certificate in the Directional-Non-Force-Technique created by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt. Dr. Van Rumpt was an almost blind chiropractor and was unable to read x-rays. His intent was to develop a technique that could be administered by reading the patient's body energy to obtain an analysis of what needed to be performed to correct nerve interference. 

My chiropractor that first introduced me to chiropractic is Dr Marvin Talsky. Dr Talsky is co-creator of the Torque Release Technique and the creator of Talsky Tonal Technique. Dr Talsky's insights and training were invaluable to learning advanced chiropractic technique. He continues in his 40th year of practice today in Evanston, Ill. 

I began studies in Tai Chi, Tai Chi-Chi Gung, and Tai Chi Chuan lessons at age 21. I studied with Master Waysun Liao, Tai Chi Master whose school is in Oak Park ,  Illinois. Master Liao was trained in traditional temple style Tai Chi Chuan in China and studied under Taoist Masters at the age of 12 before being recognized as a Tai Chi Master at the early age of 21.  Master Liao eventually moved to the United States in his 20's opening the Tai Chi Center in Oak Park, Illinois.

Tai Chi is a meditative movement coordinating breath, movement and posture to promote the development of Chi and Chi flow within the body, heightening spiritual awareness and healing ability.

I practiced Tai Chi in the mornings, and attended afternoon classes at Senior Instructor Lao Tsu Hoffmann's school, and attended Master Liao's  classes in the evening during my first year of training, and later with Senior Instructor Lao Tsu Dave Mishlove. I took a 3 month introductory Acupuncture Course from a Shang Hai Acupuncture Master meeting 3-4 hours twice a week for 3 months.

Studying Tai Chi with Master Liao and Senior Instructors for 3 and ½ years before moving away to Spartanburg, South Carolina to begin Chiropractic College. I continued my practice of Tai Chi for the past 38 years assisting him in his delivery of Chiropractic adjustments and adjusting skills and teaching Tai Chi forms to his patients.

Master Liao has one of the most comprehensive self instructional DVD home courses available in Tai Chi with seminars available for personal instruction. (look to Our Wellness Partners for access to Tai Chi Tao Center's website and instructional DVD's).

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  • "This in itself was wonderful, but as my chiropractic journey has continued, more wonderful discoveries keep developing. Just other day, while on my chiropractors table, I suddenly realized I had no pain in my stomach which I have suffered daily with for 3 years, taking Zantac almost everyday. I couldn't believe my pain was gone, and was happy to give up the Zantac with its side effects damaging the liver and causing insomnia to name two.
    I now sleep better, I'm off medication, my stomach and shoulders feel much better. In addition, both my feet would hurt everyday, now that my spine and skeletal structure balance better, my feet don't hurt. Also my neck, and low back feel better and my head. Overall, my health and just feeling of well being have improved immensely. I am now wondering what the future holds as I make more wonderful health revelations while receiving chiropractic care."
    Case # 5401 Ulcer, Gastric Reflux, Shoulder Pain