‑ 80% of all auto accident victoms will suffer spinal related health problems, related to their auto accidents up to 15 years after the auto accident‑(remember, these statistics resulted from patients whom did not get the opportunity to recieve chiropractic care)

‑Symptoms related to spinal injuries acquired during auto accidents are often delayed days, or weeks, or months, even up to years‑

‑At least 35% to 50% of the patients we have seen over the years that acquired injuries from auto accidents, were surprised that they had their pain, suffering and symptoms from their auto accident show up much later after the accident had occurred, and regretted releasing the insurance company of their responsibility too soon‑

‑It has been statistically released that the two major commonalities that exist in the history of hospice patients (those dying of cancer), is that they have had either a serious auto accident in their history or a spinal surgery, both seriously injurious to the spine‑

‑It is the laws of physics (the relationships of mass, density and velocity and energy), that effect the conditions in an auto accident, that allow for severe internal damage and injury to occur to the nerves and tissues of the human body during an auto accident. Does it make sense when an insurance agent or adjuster suggests to you, that there is no injury to you because there is no damage to your car ? Never be fooled by this logic, your body tissues are a miracle of life, but could never be compared to the strength of a steel car bumper forged in Detroit‑

‑ The average weight of a vehicle is in excess of 3,000 pounds, imagine the damage that occurs to football players that are tackled by their fellow players using their weight, that may average from 250 pounds to 350 pounds, compared to that of an automobile that can be propelled easily more faster than a football player can run, thus much more weight, much more mass, much more impact‑

‑Because of the way in which energy is transfered in an auto accident, serious nerve damage can easily occur after even a 5 mph accident‑

‑Chiropractic is the only way to correct Vertebral Subluxation (Nerve Pressure and Damage), which is brought on severely by Whiplash from auto accidents‑

‑Your insurance companies are aware of these health dangers, but have an undisclosed agenda campaign to denounce these realities, and attempt to deny there existence to save money on insurnce claims, meanwhile leaving alot of people injured from auto accidents, and not realizing it until later how much it has effected their lives‑


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  • "This in itself was wonderful, but as my chiropractic journey has continued, more wonderful discoveries keep developing. Just other day, while on my chiropractors table, I suddenly realized I had no pain in my stomach which I have suffered daily with for 3 years, taking Zantac almost everyday. I couldn't believe my pain was gone, and was happy to give up the Zantac with its side effects damaging the liver and causing insomnia to name two.
    I now sleep better, I'm off medication, my stomach and shoulders feel much better. In addition, both my feet would hurt everyday, now that my spine and skeletal structure balance better, my feet don't hurt. Also my neck, and low back feel better and my head. Overall, my health and just feeling of well being have improved immensely. I am now wondering what the future holds as I make more wonderful health revelations while receiving chiropractic care."
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