Auto Accidents

Case # 5421 Auto Accident Injuries and A Better Choice

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A delivery truck failed to stop for a red light. It plowed into a half-ton pickup before sending it into my Jeep Cherokee. I was following my sister home after attending our uncle’s funeral. Though we were all stopped for the light the force of the impact was so great that the jeep pushed her trunk into the backseat. I remember hearing the squealing of the brakes and looked into my rear view mirror. I could see the truck trying to come to a sudden stop and beginning to pitch sideways. There was no where to go and no time to warn my sister.

My head hit the steering wheel, the seat broke and I slide out of my seatbelt and woke up in the back seat. The driver of the truck was banging on my jeep and screaming at me. He was asking why I stopped, I told him we were all stopped, it was a red light. He was hauled away by the police before I was loaded and taken away by paramedics. I was in a lot of pain my blood pressure was 178/110.

I had had a comb in the back of my jean pocket. It stuck in the headrest of the driver seat, it kept me from being ejected all the way into the cargo space of the jeep. I realized that later. The comb ripped through the inside of my jeans and fell to the asphalt when I first tried to stand up. I didn’t understand what it was doing inside my pant leg. It has taken months to realize how badly I had been injured in April.

I sought chiropractic help as soon as I could. I began my first treatment nearly two weeks after my accident. I was on vicodin and valium, it was difficult to keep the days straight which was an alarming detriment to being a student. My memory was everything I needed to complete my studies. My chiropractor doctor understood and was supportive, my back was in so much pain that he would not begin treatment without electrode treatment and hot packs to my back. He utilized relaxation techniques and helped relieve immediate pain. After I returned to school in September I was still limited in motion and in a lot of pain.

My co-worker could see that I had not progressed well since spring. She gave me the business card of Dr Panchesin, a name and card I will always carry with me. My first visit was in September. He wanted to see me every day….that was difficult, I’m a full time student, very dedicated to my studies and right now even my own parents don’t see me that often but I agreed. I saw my x-rays and I understood the meticulous explanations offered and I began to heal. I began to really heal. The headaches eased off after the first adjustment. I could sleep. I wasn’t healed but on the way to being healed. After a month I stopped taking vicodin and only used aspirin o ibuprofen.

It has been a very long road but one I was willing to stay with. The other option offered by my primary care physician was orthopedic surgery. I’m glad I stayed with Dr Panchesin. I’m looking forward to completing my associates in programming/analyst next fall. I managed to stay in school and remain an honor student because of the wonderful chiropractic care that this office extended. The doctor worked stress and tension out of my neck and shoulders and helped my back keep proper alignment. It has taken every bit of eight months and I’m continuing to heal but I look back and realize how badly I was hurt and it could have led to one back surgery after another. I can’t imagine what a mistake that would have been. Time and patience has proved to be my best choice. I have only one regret, Dr Panchesin should have been my first choice in chiropractic care. It took months for me to realize that there is a difference in skill and effectiveness within chiropractic practice. Like any other aspect of health care, one should never stop asking questions or evaluating their own progress. Am I getting better? When you feel good about your choices you feel good about doing everything possible to take care of the life you’ve been blessed with and you can’t say enough good things about those who help you along the way. I am very fortunate to have received quality care from Dr Panchesin and his wonderful staff.


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  • "This in itself was wonderful, but as my chiropractic journey has continued, more wonderful discoveries keep developing. Just other day, while on my chiropractors table, I suddenly realized I had no pain in my stomach which I have suffered daily with for 3 years, taking Zantac almost everyday. I couldn't believe my pain was gone, and was happy to give up the Zantac with its side effects damaging the liver and causing insomnia to name two.
    I now sleep better, I'm off medication, my stomach and shoulders feel much better. In addition, both my feet would hurt everyday, now that my spine and skeletal structure balance better, my feet don't hurt. Also my neck, and low back feel better and my head. Overall, my health and just feeling of well being have improved immensely. I am now wondering what the future holds as I make more wonderful health revelations while receiving chiropractic care."
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